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Mama-flow is a comprehensive journey that seamlessly weaves together the transformative practices of mama-meditation, mama-move, and mama-cook. imagine it as a river of well-being, uniting spiritual grounding, mindful movement, and conscious eating into a harmonious flow.  
Mama-flow is about transcending our limitations and experiencing the universal nature of existence.
It unites humanity, embracing the concept of a global community with a shared destiny.
  • Break free from your limits.
  • Feel the oneness of everything.
  • Unite with others, worldwide.
  • We're all in this together.

The Mama-flow logo features three intricate symbols representing the petals of a lotus flower, each embodying Mama-meditation, Mama-move, and Mama-cook. At the core of the lotus, depicted as an infinity sign, lies Mama-flow — a limitless essence rooted in Mama. The simplicity of the single-line drawing reflects Mama's role in connecting and nurturing every aspect of the plant, representing an endless essence of lightness and simplicity.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz


  • Mama-flow is your all-encompassing path to balance and resilience, a dance with the forces that shape existence, uniting spiritual grounding, mindful movement, and conscious eating in a simple, accessible, and profound journey.

  • In Mama-meditation, we connect with Mama, a universal spiritual entity, fostering a direct experience that builds a bridge between our true selves and the world. It's a practice that aligns our body and mind with nature, akin to a plant's foundation. This regular connection ensures overall well-being and fulfillment. 

  • Swami Dhyan Vardhan obtained the technique of Mama-meditation directly from Mama in the spring of 2018. This event occurred exactly as predicted by Nikola Tesla. Tesla referred to Mama as the "Absolute Absolute" and claimed to receive all his ideas directly from her. It is important to emphasize that this timing was also precisely predicted by Nikola Tesla.

  • Mama-move represents a natural exercise philosophy, engaging the body in gentle realignment and fluid movements. The term "Mama" symbolizes a higher power, infusing the practice with a profound connection to universal forces. Aligned with the natural laws , Mama-move transforms into a journey towards holistic well-being, unlocking the potential for enhanced stress resistance, reduced fatigue, and the cultivation of creativity through simple effective actions.

  • Completing the trio is Mama-cook, a mindful approach to eating that harmonizes body, mind, and universal energy. Each meal becomes a celebration, aligning the body with its natural state of well-being, guided by Mama's nurturing essence.

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel

Mama-Flow Study Immersion

  • The transformative training varies in length for each component: Mama-meditation is a one-day training course, Mama-move lasts a whole weekend, and Mama-cook seamlessly integrates into the learning process of Mama-meditation or Mama-move.

  • Mama-flow naturally manifests during the assimilation of Mama-meditation, Mama-move, and Mama-cook. It symbolizes the harmonious synthesis of these practices, offering a profound path to well-being and lasting for seven days.

  • An enchanting element worth emphasizing is that Mama-flow, the culmination of these harmonious practices, extends beyond the boundaries of set study periods. It gracefully materializes during the assimilation of Mama-meditation, Mama-move, and Mama-cook, presenting itself as a natural symphony of well-being. This blend intertwines the threads of these practices into a unified and comprehensive approach to holistic living.

  • The addition of the enchantment of the practical integration course of Mama-meditation, Mama-move, and Mama-cook  into the magical flow of Mama expands its alluring embrace, inviting participants to explore the transformative journey further.

This extended immersion allows for the gradual unfolding of the canvas of well-being, offering a comprehensive training experience from a one-day course through a weekend to culminate in a week-long program.


Good to Know

Meditation Class
  • Mama-meditation is your path to transcendence, self-discovery & life fulfilment.​​
  • Welcome to the world of Mama-meditation , and we are excited to introduce you to its many benefits. 
  • ​This meditation technique is a powerful tool for your self-discovery & spiritual growth.
  • With mama-move, managing stress has never been easier. ​
  • Our system emphasizes mindfulness, allowing you to clear your mind and focus on the present moment. 
  • ​By incorporating mama-move into your routine, you'll not only see physical benefits but also mental clarity, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
At the Beach
  • Start your journey towards conscious eating with mama-cook today!
  • A great benefit of conscious eating is that it can help you appreciate food on a deeper level.
  • When you take the time to slow down and notice the flavors, textures, and aromas of your meals, you'll be able to savor and enjoy them more fully. this can lead to a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, both during and after mealtime.
  • Mama-flow is designed for anyone seeking overall well-being and balance in their lives. This program offers numerous benefits:


  • For individuals seeking spiritual growth: Mama-flow provides tools for deeper self-understanding and connection with one's inner self. It helps release stress and tension and find inner peace.


  • For those looking to improve their physical health: Through Mama-meditation and Mama-move, you'll gain tools to relax and strengthen the body. Mama-cook then supports your bodily functioning and overall health.


  • For those searching for meaning and fulfillment: Mama-flow offers means to become aware of deeper life values and the path to fulfillment and joy.


  • For anyone longing for harmony: This program provides a unique opportunity to connect body, mind, and soul and achieve harmony in all aspects of life.


  • Mama-flow is not just for one specific group of people but for anyone craving real transformation and fulfillment in life.

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